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Advertising accepted for publication in The Local News is subject to the term and conditions set out below:

~ No responsibility is taken for any loss due to the failure of an advertisement to appear according to instructions.

~ All advertising in The Local News shall be in the form of paid advertising.

~ Casual advertisers must pay for all advertising prior to the deadline otherwise it will not be published.

~ Rates for advertising shall be reviewed annually by The Local News

~ Advertisements are accepted via phone, email, in person or fax. Once contents are approved by the advertiser The Local News takes no responsibility for errors occurred due to wrong information. Customers requiring proofs will be sent them for approval prior to print if we received the ad before the proof deadline.

~ The Local News accepts the responsibility of placing the advertisements in the appropriate bookings in the paper. All other advertisements will be at the discretion of the advertising personnel and shall be decided upon in accordance with space and design restrictions.

~ Classified advertising shall be kept at a basic format allowing for display advertising to be distinguished as a more design detailed style.

~ The general style and layout of the advertising section of The Local News shall be allowed to be altered in line with different styles and ideas of the advertising personnel and with the guidance of the Editor.

~ Where advertisement material is overdue, advertisers will be charged for the space booked.

~ Cancellations of advertising bookings will only be accepted prior to booking deadlines (1.30pm Wednesdays.)

~ Advertisements must not contain material infringes any State or Common Law or the rights of any person.

~ The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement or copy.

~ All advertisements are accepted for publication on the condition that the advertiser indemnifies The Local News and its respective employees against all actions, suits, claims, loss and/ or damages resulting from anything published on behalf of the advertiser.

~ The advertiser must obtain permission from the owner of copyright in any third party material used in the advertisement.